Welcome to OYWO!

We are a group of people who know that right now, a child is starving – and we can help.  So we’ve given up one of our “addictions”, be it chocolate or nicotine, for one year, so that we can raise money for Compassion International.  Haven’t heard of them? They are a totally legit Christian charity that works with children all over the world.  See for yourself at www.compassion.com.  By giving up, for example, soda for one year, not only are we able to turn our vending-machine cash into money for Compassion; what’s even more exciting is that people like you can cheer us on by pledging $1 to Compassion for each week we go One Year WithOut.

Please consider how you can help:

– Choose someone listed below to support.  Then visit “Support Someone” to get your name added to their list of supporters.  You’ll get an email every month letting you know how many weeks they completed so you know how much to donate.

– Crazy enough to go OYWO yourself??  Visit “I Want to go OYWO” to learn the dirty details.  If you’re still not turned off, then hey – there’s no stopping you!  You’ll get a page here to coordinate your supporters.    And you’ll be encouraged every step of the way.

Katie Dempsey in Missouri is giving up coffee/frappuccinos, bread/tortillas, red meat, candy, and ice cream to raise money for the Child Survival Program in Senji Mottur, India.  She began August 1st and needs some supporters!

Brian Childers is giving up soda, energy drinks and fast food.  He began July 15th.

Andrea McMahon in Georgia is giving up shopping at Target.  She began August 1st and has 3 supporters.

Karla Barber in Kansas is giving up smoking to raise money for Compassion’s Where Most Needed fund.  She begins July 24th and needs some supporters! 🙂

Andy McMahon OYWOAndy McMahon in Georgia is giving up energy drinks and smoking.  He began July 7th and has 5 supporters.

OYWO Raquel and Ashley

Ashley Carter in Kansas is giving up ice cream, chocolate, cookies, hard candy and Sonic to raise money for Compassion’s Child Survival fund.  She began July 1st and has 6 supporters.

Raquel Carlson in Oklahoma is giving up coffee, chocolate, green/chai tea lattes, ice cream, and buying stuffed animals  🙂 to raise money for Compassion’s  Highly Vulnerable Children fund.  She began July 1st and has 3 supporters.

Wess Stafford (president and CEO of Compassion International!) is giving up all sodas and chocolate to raise money for Compassion’s Where Most Needed Fund.  He began April 13, and has 1 supporter.

Lee Amstutz in Indiana is giving up Coke/Pepsi, root beer and chocolate to raise money for Compassion’s Unsponsored Children Fund.  He began April 20, and needs some supporters! 🙂

Judy Tremblay in Louisiana is giving up all sodas to raise money for Compassion’s Global Food Crisis fund.  She began April 12, 2009 and has 8 supporters.

Jenny Amstutz Jenny Amstutz in Indiana is giving up Coke/Pepsi, coffee and chocolate to raise money for Compassion’s Unsponsored Children fund.  She began April 13, 2009 and has 32 supporters.