searching...One Year Without began when Jenny Amstutz heard an interview on the radio with Dr. Wess Stafford, president and CEO of Compassion International.  He described the Global Food Crisis, a more rapid, urgent and devasting food shortage than others in recent history, so much as to be called a  “silent tsunami” by the U.N. World Food Programme.  The cost of many food items like rice, wheat and beans have doubled in the last year due to fluctuating fuel costs, rising food demands, natural disasters, and a turbulent global economy.  If you are reading this now, no doubt you have seen or experienced the effects of the changing economy, but what if you made the equivalent of only $1 per day?  What if you were forced to spend 70 – 80% of that dollar just on food?  As Dr. Stafford described mothers in developing nations feeding their children dirt or just “warm water, because at least it felt like food to the children”, OYWO was born.

[ taken in part from http://www.compassion.com/global-food-crisis/ ]


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