I want to go OYWO

A new homeFirst of all, if you came to this page, you must be a little nuts.  Who wants to give up their favorite addiction, whether it’s to something trivial (ie., shoe shopping) or to something more serious – for an entire year??

Apparently you do – or at least you’re considering it!  Please remember a year is a l-o-n-g  t-i-m-e … and if that doesn’t sound difficult to you, than maybe you really haven’t found your “addiction”.  Look around – most of us in the developed world have some sort of unnecessary addiction, such as: chocolate, cable TV, Friday margarita nights, fast-food lunches…

The point is to cut out something in your life that you habitually buy.  It will be hard at first (and maybe the entire year!), but that will provide numerous opportunities for you to:

1. give the cash normally spent to Compassion International

2. remember and pray for those in poverty

3. tell other people to support your quest by donating $1 for each week you’re successful.

After you’ve identified your poison, consider how going without it for one year makes you feel:

– Nauseous, desperate, stunned that you would ever do such a thing?  So stunned that you are actually chuckling at the idea?   Excited that your little sacrifice can make a big difference in the lives of kids in poverty?  Than this is for you.  Email oneyearwithout@yahoo.com to get started, or with any questions.

– Nauseous, desperate, and NOT laughing?  Does the thought of one year without sound like nothing but pure drudgery for you?  Then this isn’t for you.  Maybe one day it will be, maybe not…don’t worry about it.  Remember, if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, it’s HIS blood that gives you eternal life, not fasting or fundraiser-participation!  (But please feel free to still support someone else going OYWO with your $1 per week pledge. 🙂 )


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