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Brotherly love in Zimbabe

Brotherly love in Zimbabe

It’s easy: choose a person you want to support.  Pledge to donate $1 to Compassion Int. for each week they go without their “poison” (up to one year).  They will appreciate your support, and be motivated to keep it up, knowing their year without is helping kids in poverty.

Just send an email to and you’ll be added to their list of supporters.  You’ll get a “remember to donate” email every four weeks, letting you know how many weeks they made it and a link for Compassion International’s online donation page.  Please include your first name, last name initial, and state, ie.  Jane S. – FL.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Other ways to cheer them on include: leaving them a comment on their supporter page, visiting their personal blog, and telling other people you know to jump in with a $1-per-week pledge, too!  Just send them to

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